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CPP STUDY(CPP01) This CPP instruction will provide learners the necessary understanding to approach the ASIS international certification in good time with confidence 0.00 2020/05/12 2020/08/03 5
Outlook Online Essentials 2020() Communicate Anywhere With Outlook Online, the Web-Based App For Managing Emails, Calendars, and People Sometimes you need a quick way to get to your “stuff” no matter where you are. Outlook Online, also called the Outlook Web App (OWA), is a convenient and powerful way to access your email, calendar, and contacts (People) from any web browser. Throughout this course you will learn the main features and benefits of using Outlook Online from Office 365. The interface is very similar if you are using Outlook Online from your company as well. In this course we demonstrate: • Using the basic functions of Email and Calendar • Organizing your information with Search and Folders • Using Categories and Mentions to tag items • Helping Microsoft keep your inbox clean with Junk and Clutter • Sharing Calendars and Email folders • Applying Rules and Policies • Using Signatures and Auto-Replies • Using Microsoft To Do with Outlook Integration 20.00 2020/07/05 2020/07/11 0
Crisis Management(CRM01) Viable organizations need to be ready for emergencies because they are a fact of doing business. The worst plan is not to have any kind of plan at all, and the best plans are tested and adjusted so that they work over time. Fortunately, you do not need separate plans for fire, weather disasters, and all the different kinds of crises that can occur. One solid plan will help you to prevent, respond, and recover from all crises. This course will help you ensure your organization is ready to manage any kind of crisis. 50.00 2020/07/22 2020/08/03 4
Advanced Security Supervisor Skill() With a host of new challenges and responsibilities to tackle, new supervisors need training that helps them adjust to their new role. Learning how to supervise your new employees on a trial and error basis can lead to discouragement. This course can help you overcome many of the problems a new supervisor may encounter, and to set the groundwork for a successful change in your working life! 50.00 2020/07/22 2020/08/03 0
Risk Management Practice() Risk management has long been a key part of project management and it has also become an increasingly important part of organizational best practices. Corporations have realized that effective risk management can not only reduce the negative impact of crises; it can provide real benefits and cost savings. The risk management framework provided in this course is flexible enough for any organization. You can apply it to a single project, a department, or use it as a basis for an enterprise-wide risk management program. 50.00 2020/07/22 2020/08/02 4
Safety in the Workplace(WPS10) Workplace accidents and injuries cost corporations millions of dollars and thousands of hours lost every year. They also have a profound, often lifelong impact on workers. Introducing a safety culture into your organization, where safety is valued as an integral part of the business’s operation, not only saves the business time and money, it also builds a committed, loyal, healthy workforce. This course will give you the foundation to start building your safety culture. 50.00 2020/07/22 2020/08/01 4
Writing Security Reports and Proposals() It is essential to understand how to write reports and proposals that get read. We write reports in a range of formats and a variety of purposes. Whether you need to report on a security issue, product analysis, inventory, feasibility studies, or something else, report writing is a skill you will use again and again. Having a method to prepare these documents will help you be as efficient as possible with the task. This course will build on a solid base of writing skills to present information in formal, informal, and proposal styles. 50.00 2020/08/01 2020/08/06 0
Security and Problem Solving Environment() We make decisions and solve problems continually. We start making decisions before we even get out of bed (shall I get up now or not?). Sometimes, we will have made as many as 50 decisions by the time we leave for work. Despite all the natural decision making that goes on and the problem solving we do, some people are very uncomfortable with having to make decisions. You may know someone who has a hard time making decisions about what to eat, never mind the internal wrestling they go through in order to take on major decisions at work. Likewise, we’ve probably all looked at a solution to something and said, “I could have thought of that.” The key to finding creative solutions is not just creativity, although that will certainly help. The answer rests in our ability to identify options, research the environment, and then put things together in a way that works. Having a process to work through can take the anxiety out of problem solving and make decisions easier. 50.00 2020/08/01 2020/08/02 4
Advanced Practical Trainer(LM004) Behind every spectacular training session is a lot of preparation and meticulous attention to detail.The truly skilled trainer can make a program exciting. The learners will have fun while they are learning if the facilitator is able to involve their emotions as well as their minds. You will see the involvement, and you will feel the energy. To reach this stage as an adult educator isn’t always easy, but success isn’t just for the naturally gifted.It is possible for all of us who put effort into our personal growth and development. We want the enormous satisfaction that comes from working with others to help them reach their potential as human beings.This three-day workshop will help you reach that goal. 50.00 2020/08/01 2020/08/06 4
Effective Project Management() Project management isn't just for construction engineers and military logistics experts anymore. Today, in addition to the regular duties of your job, you are often expected to take on extra assignments and to get that additional job done well, done under budget, and done on time. This course is not intended to take you from a supervisory or administrative position to that of a project manager. However, this course will familiarize you with the most common terms and the most current thinking about projects. In this course, we will walk you through the nuts and bolts of project management, from setting priorities to controlling expenses and reporting on the results. You may still have to cope with the unexpected, but you’ll be better prepared. 50.00 2020/08/01 2020/08/02 4
Security Budgets and Practice(LM012) For security managers in today’s business world, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of finance. We all play a role in our organization’s financial health, whether we realize it or not. If you don’t have training or a background in finance, you may be at a disadvantage as you sit around the management table. Understanding the cycle of finance will help you figure out where you fit into your company’s financial structure, and how to plan for your security department. This course will help you prepare budgets and make decisions with confidence. 50.00 2020/08/01 2020/08/06 4
Advanced Customer Service management() The need to lead, model, and promote the organizational values within a customer service environment is essential for business success. This course will provide you with opportunities to explore your responsibilities within your role as a leader or manager in a customer service environment. 50.00 2020/08/01 2020/08/03 4
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY() Probing research 0.00 2020/08/06 2020/08/10 0
Mastering Microsoft Teams - Free() Conversations, Channels, and Chatbots: Learn How To Get The Most from Microsoft’s New Communications Hub - Teams The ability for teams to work together productively is perhaps the most important function in any business, and it’s the central focus of the new Microsoft Teams application. From file sharing and co-editing to video calls, persistent chat, screen sharing, and more, learn how Microsoft Teams gives you the tools to stay in touch and get work done with your colleague. 0.00 2020/08/10 2020/08/10 0
Basic Security Training Course(SA01) This course covers the following topics; - Introduction to the Security Industry; - Basic Security Procedures; - Communication for Security Professionals ; - Documentation and Evidence; - Response Procedures for Security Professionals; and - Health and Safety for Security Professionals Upon successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to write the Security Licensing exam which you will have to pass with a minimum of 80%.Upon successful completion of the exam, you are ready to kick start your security career! 70.00 2020/08/13 2020/08/13 0
Health and Safety Level 3(SA03) The Level 3 Health and Safety course will provide learners with a thorough understanding of the different aspects of Health and Safety. The course goes into detail about each area of Health and Safety that businesses may encounter and provides information on how to undertake effective risk assessments and implement relevant, sufficient and appropriate control measures. The course gives an in depth guide to Health and Safety legislation and aims to raise awareness of the responsibilities that all managers and supervisors plus Health and Safety specialists are expected to maintain. This course is divided into 23 easy to follow interactive modules and includes a multiple choice test at the end. The content of the course covers: 1. Legislation and Risk Assessments 2. Reporting and Investigating Accidents 3. The Workplace and Work Equipment 4. Fire and Explosion Responsibilities 5. Fire and Explosion Control Measures 6. Electricity 7. Working at Height 8. Vehicles: Work Site Hazards 9. Vehicles: Driver Standards 10. Vehicle Safety 11. Conflict and Violence 12. Alcohol and Drugs 13. Working Safely With Hazardous Substances (COSHH) 14. Types of Hazardous Substances (COSHH) 15. Noise 16. Vibration 17. Ergonomics 18. Manual Handling: Risk Assessment 19. Manual Handling: Reducing the Risks 20. Employee Welfare and Emergency Procedures 21. Positive Health and Safety Culture 22. Role of Managers, Supervisors and PPE 23. Staff Training <b>By the end of this course learners will be able to:</b> • Explain what is meant by 'Health and Safety' • Identify common workplace incidents and general ways to reduce their risk • Recite the procedure to carry out in the event of a fire and know which fire extinguisher should be used • Understand the importance and use of PPE • Explain the basics of COSHH and how to minimise the risk of hazardous substances • Identify different types of safety signs and know about first aid In the workplace • Understand the basics of working at height • Work with display screens correctly • Deal with violence in the workplace • Identify the key causes of stress • List the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to electrical equipment 100.00 2020/08/13 2020/08/13 6