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Security Leadership Training

This professional training courses are designed for corporate security managers, government agencies and consultants. Training topics and duration can be customized for group courses.

Elearning Courses

The course include a printable certificate, which serves as evidence that a learner has completed 15 hours of instructions that is pre-approved for continuous professional education.


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ICEST qualifications are accredited by the World Certification Institute (WCI) an authorized center in Africa and Europe. WCI has accredited over 800 professional organizations and renowned universities globally. Our training courses meet the same required standard, quality and competency of the assessment criteria set across the world. With ICEST qualifications, you will develop an advanced knowledge and gained critical understanding of the complex and diverse workings of the organisation from a security leadership perspective. You will become a subject matter expert in your organization and keep competitors behind. ICEST gives you confidence that you have passed through the chairs and gone through the study skills to master a new body of knowledge.
at is your corporate risk strategy?

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